Business Coaching Programs

What would it be worth ...

  • To have a process for moving from stagnation to momentum?
  • To achieve simplicity in a world of escalating complexity and rapid change?
  • To move quickly from a sense of exhaustion, isolation, or overwhelm to clarity, confidence, and enjoyment?
  • To have confidence in your own self-created answers in a bewildering world with millions of external answers?

Coaching Programs

ClearVision’s coaching programs are centered around a proven system based on respect, research, and a decade of experience working with, and learning from, successful small business owners. The programs distill the essential principles and practices that create a complete, proven support system designed to help experienced owners eliminate dangers, seize new opportunities, and maximize existing strengths.


The Components Include:

Support via Personalized, Structured Consulting and Coaching

  • Private coaching sessions led by a Certified Master Coach
  • Small peer group roundtable meetings
  • Complete implementation and accountability structure
  • Business and team assessments
  • Additional access via phone calls or emails

SUCCESS Systems to Scale Your Business

  • Time Management & Productivity System
  • Profitability & Cash Flow System
  • Marketing & Sales System
  • Team Hiring & Engagement System
  • Planning & Accountability System

Encouragement via our ClearVision Network

  • Structured Summits attended by community business owners
  • Access to industry experts in Marketing, PR, Finance, and Human Resources

Who Should Participate

To qualify for our coaching programs entrepreneurs must have at least two years ownership experience and a minimum of one employee.  The programs are designed for owners who want to improve their capabilities, build larger, more significant organizations, and receive support and encouragement in their journey toward more success. Many owners, before joining our programs feel burned out, stuck, and frustrated for any number of reasons.

ClearVision Coaching Program Curriculum

Your Coach will work with you to determine your strengths and improvement opportunities and any critical or pressing issues in your business, while developing strong positive habits in the following areas:

  • Time Management: Eliminating interruptions, delegating more effectively, and structuring your days to maximize your productivity and free time.
  • Business Development: Targeting high caliber, good paying customers, working with the best referral sources, learning how to speak powerfully in a way that attracts new clients, taking action consistent with your personal beliefs and values.
  • Staffing: Implementing systems that attract, retain, and leverage competent staff, identifying and eliminating destructive or unproductive employees, building and maintaining a championship, high performing team.
  • Cash Flow: Structuring how money is generated, billed, collected, and utilized to maximize profitability as opposed to simply generating revenue.
  • Strategic Planning: Creating the life and business of your choice with clear long term goals and systematic short term projects, using a system to have your entire team pulling in the same direction.

Key Benefits from Participating in the SUCCESS Program

  • Increased revenues – Average 9 times ROI the first year*
  • Decreased work hours and increased personal free time
  • Increased ability to focus on the most profitable work
  • Improved employee engagement and peace of mind
  • Increased satisfaction and energy

* This is not a guarantee, but the average rate of return for clients over the past 24 months. Your results will be determined by your own background, participation and motivation.


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