Business Coaching Success Stories

Here are actual comments our clients have shared with us. If you’d like to see more, please feel free to contact us.

diannem“I’ve now developed a results-oriented system and am confidently executing it. With each step in the process I’m moving closer to my goals and the results show on the income statement! Since working with ClearVision, my profits have increased 155%!”

~Dianne Mattina, Aspen Interiors, Shelby Township, MI


“Coaching has helped me focus on my goal – value enhancement. They’ve also helped us write an operations manual, establish a marketing plan, and create effective sales promotions. Most importantly we’ve significantly increased sales and our profits are up 200%.”

~Ray Cutway, Battery Warehouse, Shelby Township/Warren, MI


“Coaching has given me someone to ask opinions, utilize as a sounding board, and keep me on track. It has taken me from a state of feeling overwhelmed with all that needs to be done to a more focused approach. And as a result, our revenues have gone up 71%!”

~Susan Bireescu, Nolan Enterprise, Shelby Township, MI


“I now clearly see the big vision again, with one big difference; I have a plan of action and am learning the skills to increase our value. Hiring ClearVision has more than paid for itself. It has given us our best quarter in the history of our company with our revenues growing significantly over last year.”

~Lynne Fiscelli, Pane View Window Cleaning, Warren, MI


roberta“Business has improved and my numbers are really up and more importantly my attitude is great as things are really falling into place. I think the success has come because I’m more organized, determined and purpose driven. I am excited about the future.”

~Dr. Robert Antolak, The Gentle Dentist, Shelby Township, MI


We did it! I was getting my ‘scorecard’ together to send you my quarterly results and when I tallied up the past three months (and I knew they were going to be good!) I started really looking at what I had done – 90% increase in my revenues and 208% increase in profits! CRAZY!!! I went back to look at my goals set in January (my vision board) and I MADE MY PERSONAL FINANCIAL GOAL!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! For ALL you’ve done to help me understand more about my business!”

~Dave Cottrell, The Family Craftsman, Shelby Township, MI