Get a Fresh Start

It’s amazing how much stuff we collect over the years.  I recently moved my office after nine years in the same location and couldn’t believe how many old office supplies I had stored away. Including, thousands of paperclips, manila folders, and ink pens!  There were notes from conferences attended long ago, printed forms I thought I’d use again, and silly paraphernalia for workshops – all just taking up space.

It made me think about other “stuff” I might be holding on to metaphorically.  Past grudges, old habits, ideas that just don’t make sense anymore.  Those things slow us down like gunk in a carburetor and stop us from growing into a better version of ourselves.  So, maybe it’s time to take inventory, not only of the physical items we need to let go of, but the negative thoughts and habits that clutter our mind.

Let’s get purging!