Mergers & Acquisitions

mergers and acquisitions

Since 2005, ClearVision has worked with hundreds of companies offering merger and acquisition services from valuation improvement to final sale.


Why Is This Important?

Because in many cases, the odds aren’t in your favor. Here are a few statistics:

  • Only 20% of all of the businesses that attempt to sell actually complete the transaction. The rest are torn apart for pennies on the dollar or just shut down.
  • 75% of owners who do sell are unhappy with the sale one year after they exit.
  • 90% of all of the people who begin the search to buy a business never complete a transaction.

And, It May Get Worse

Once again, baby boomers are expected to have a big impact on the economy – this time on business prices – as over 7.7 million boomers are expected to exit their businesses by 2025.

The American Family Business Survey showed that as a result there is likely to be a glut of businesses on the market, that could, in turn, cause downward price pressures for most privately owned companies as the supply and demand curve will favor buyers.

Clearly, in this market, owners will have to have a competitive edge that will increase the attractiveness, value, and salability of their businesses. 


So How Will You Navigate?

Your trusted CPA, attorney, banker, and financial planner should all be part of this decision, but now it’s time to trust an M&A professional whose only job is to find you the best fit at the best price during one of the most important transactions of your life.

ClearVision and our M&A partners offer a powerful one-two punch:

ClearVision brings years of experience helping clients improve profitability and build a sound management team as key differentiators against the competition.  They also understand the emotional investment and integration it takes to successfully acquire or sell a company.

Our M&A Partners bring years of experience analyzing, marketing and negotiating successful transactions for their clients and they’ve perfected a process that significantly defies the failed statistics for most buy/sell transactions.


I’m interested in learning more about how the ClearVision M&A process works and how it can help me reach my goals.


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