What Have You Learned?

What Have You Learned?

I’ve learned so much in the last four months and I’m sure you have too.  Arguably, this has been the biggest collective learning moment in decades. It’s like studying for an exam but you don’t know when the test will be given, and the curriculum changes almost every day. Your only choice is to do your best to stay ahead of the curve.

Paula Schneider, President & CEO of Susan G. Komen, a leading breast cancer organization in the U.S., reflected on these last few months. “We have made more major decisions in the past 90 days for our organization than in the last 10 years.  Most will be right; some will miss the mark, but all have been thoughtful…. Sometimes things that transpire (both good and bad), inspire. We have harnessed the power of the moment to propel us forward.”

I’d like to coach you for a moment.  Grab some paper and answer two questions.  Don’t wait or you’ll never do it.  Just write whatever comes into your head…

  • What has the past four months taught you? As a person?  As a leader?
  • What impact has the information had on you? On your company?

I ask these questions because simply having data isn’t enough.  Information has to be acknowledged, absorbed, and reflected on before it can ever be thoughtfully applied.  And, in the application – be it perfect, or not – is where we truly develop wisdom and move toward something better.

Stay humble and hungry in this moment and always.

Dawn Drozd

CEO & Strategist