Sedentary or Energetic? Are you Ready?

Sedentary or Energetic?  Are you Ready?

In 2011, while conducting interviews for my book, The Success Code, there were two kinds of owners: Energetic and Sedentary.  The Sedentary owners were like college kids after a bender – hungover and exhausted, just trying to get through the day.  Many had been through their first economic disaster – the Great Recession – that had strung out for years in Michigan and were still reeling from the toll it had taken.  To say they were hesitant to invest what little money or energy they had on new ideas, processes, or people, would be a massive understatement.

On the other hand, there were the Energetic owners.  The men and women who went through the same recession but managed to hold onto hope and a firm belief they would bounce back.  Those who kept pushing, kept trying, never succumbing to fear or inertia.  And, as the economy slowly turned the corner, they were poised like runners in the starting block; muscles prepared and taut, itching for the race to begin at a moment’s notice.

The past twelve months weren’t exactly like the ’08 recession.  Many industries actually experienced financial growth.  But that doesn’t mean it was easy or that many aren’t mentally and physically exhausted. In fact, I’m seeing the pattern all over again – owners who are Sedentary, still in survival mode, hesitant about next steps, versus those who are Energetic, prepared to spring out of the gate.

While I’d love to say to those who are burned to a crisp, “No worries.  Take your time. You’ve been through a lot,” I can’t because I know what’s coming.  I watched it happen after the last recession and I’m confident it will happen again.

If you want to recover quickly or have ever wanted your company to have record breaking growth, you don’t have the luxury of napping over the next 6 months.  Because the fact is, only companies that are prepared to spring into action will take full advantage of the coming economic recovery and reap dramatic results by year end.

So, if rebounds are rare and there’s one opportunity to benefit from the pent-up demand that’s heading our way, will you be prepared?