Are You Asking to Be Cyber Attacked?

Are You Asking to Be Cyber Attacked?

6 Immediate Cyber Security Tips for Small Business

Data breaches. We’re all familiar with them. From the 2017 Equifax breach that compromised nearly 148 million consumers’ data to the 2020 Marriott hotel breach that impacted more than 5.2 million guests. Compromised cyber security is a massive threat to businesses of all sizes.

According to Accenture, security breaches have increased 67% since 2014 alone. Not to mention the average cost of a data breach is $3.86 million, according to IBM. So, as a small business owner, what measures should you have in place to protect your data and privacy?

Here are six you can implement immediately:

1.  Secure your wi-fi networks

Your workplace wi-fi should be secure, encrypted, and hidden. To do this, make sure your router does not broadcast your network name (SSID), operate using WPA2 or WPA3 security protocols, and password protect your network.

2.  Add firewall security

A firewall will prevent people outside your business from accessing the data on your private network. There are dozens of different firewall software options and even some free ones available online. It’s important that employees who work from home also have firewalls in place on their personal networks.

3.  Use multi-factor authentication

Require employees to change their passwords every few months and consider implementing multi-factor authentication. An example of multi-factor authentication would be an SMS sent to an employee’s phone with a code they would need to enter to gain access on their computer.

4.  Provide employee training

95% of cyber security breaches are caused by human error. Training your employees on basic security practices and showing them examples of how to identify possible phishing attacks or other threats could prevent a costly breach.

5.  Create backups

Backup the data on all your computers. Ideally you can automate this process to happen in real time and store it in the cloud.

6.  Limit access

Make separate user accounts for each employee and only give them access to what they need to get their job done. Save administrative privileges for IT personnel and do not allow employees to install software without permission.

The Bottom Line

Cyber security should be a main priority for your business in 2021. Ensuring you have the proper procedures and protocols in place could save you millions. For more cyber security tips and resources, visit the FCC.